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  • Abundance

    12 members Latest Activity: 5 hours ago A place for posting posters, wallpapers and other images plus quotes to help assist All Sentient Beings Everywhere, achieve abundance in their…

  • Andromedan Starseeds - Starseeds From Andromeda

    19 members Latest Activity: 29 minutes ago

    Connect and share experiences with starseeds from Andromeda.

  • alien contact

    14 members Latest Activity: 5 hours ago

    for people who had contact of any kind with non-human beings and is willing to share

  • Angelic Souls

    27 members Latest Activity: 29 minutes ago

    This is where angelic souls can unite and share experiences.

  • Ancient Egypt

    25 members Latest Activity: 31 minutes ago

    This is where people whose had a past life in ancient Egypt can connect and share experiences.

  • Starseed Knowledge - Members Online Bookstore

    2 members Latest Activity: 4 hours ago

    This group is designed for anyone who might or has a connection to books that have been recently read or a long time ago. Like emotions,point of…

  • Ancient Rome

    10 members Latest Activity: 30 minutes ago

    This is where people whose had a past life in ancient rome can connect and share experiences.

  • Hello Admins

    39 members Latest Activity: 13 hours ago

    Universal starseed consciousness administration group. In here we talk about how best to keep the site functioning and share tips with each other…

  • Astrology

    15 members Latest Activity: 19 minutes ago

    To learn about Astrology and Reading and Understanding Your Chart.

  • Belief

    12 members Latest Activity: 18 minutes ago

    To believe in something is to give it power, to recognize its existence and to give faith to its purpose around you.

  • Animals

    18 members Latest Activity: 21 minutes ago

    Animals are nice to have around, they teach us things and help us live with nature and the wild.

  • I AM - Honoring Our Most Authentic Self

    19 members Latest Activity: 1 hour ago

    This is a group where ALL can celebrate in our I AM GOD presence.

    Here we are reminded to honor our most authentic self; and we are given…

  • Dragon Realm - To All Light Workers...

    25 members Latest Activity: 7 hours ago

    Channeled Messages from the Dragon Realm and meditations to connect with Dragons

  • Animal Totems & Spirit Guides

    48 members Latest Activity: 28 minutes ago

    A Sacred place to learn about the many animal totems here to help guide us on our spiritual journey, along with what they teach or help with and…

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