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    8 members Latest Activity: Aug 25 >…

  • Landscapes

    6 members Latest Activity: Jul 16

    Share your favourite landscapes here, from mountains to oceans to urban life and grasslands to deserts, earth is one diverse planet.

  • Empathic Starseeds

    59 members Latest Activity: on Sunday

    Connect with other empathic people here. Psychic empathy is a rare but beautiful gift.

  • Cryptozoology

    27 members Latest Activity: 8 hours ago

    Group for those who want to discuss about the study of hidden, reclusive and mysterious creatures.

  • Higher Frequency Channelings

    20 members Latest Activity: on Thursday

    THis Groups will be about Channelings we come across that we resonate with energetically, obviously an open minded group so i would appreciate…

  • Erotica

    3 members Latest Activity: on Wednesday

    Erotica and adult humor, all topics of such nature are welcome, from texts to files, images and media etc. Some cultures believe the mating games…

  • Ways of the Witch

    25 members Latest Activity: 17 hours ago

    this is a group devoted to the Witch and how the Witches are really


    13 members Latest Activity: Aug 21

    A place to learn how we can make ourselves safer in all areas of life. Information that every woman of every age should know and the men in their…

  • Starseeds Outreach

    8 members Latest Activity: Aug 14

    A place for people to offer help to those that need it for temporary shelter,food,clothes,showers,and advice where to get help if stranded or…

  • Zeta Starseeds

    27 members Latest Activity: Jul 22

    Connect and share experiences with starseeds from Zeta Reticuli.

  • initiates of the Kybalion.

    29 members Latest Activity: Jun 23

  • The Astral Realm

    13 members Latest Activity: Aug 11

    A place for those astral adventurers to share their amazing adventures and experiences.

    A place where we can discuss with each-other and…

  • Otherkin

    11 members Latest Activity: Jul 6

    Otherkin are spirits whose aware of being someone else other than human.

  • The Adult Playroom

    1 member Latest Activity: Jan 26

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