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Profile Information

Welcome to Cosmic Nation! We hope you enjoy it here, how did you find us?
I am the creator.
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Founder of Cosmic Nation.
What race cosmic or otherwise are you, do you have a background or culture you wish to share?
Human, with an interest in promoting other cultures. I'm a white skin Canadian.
What is your spiritual path?
I am primarily a scientist, with a universal spiritual background.
Personal interests?
I want to unite people to find world peace and healing but also to get to know other cultures and races, my dream is to meet a physical extraterrestrial. I also would like to get to know a hybrid, I know a few in the pagan lands.
Do you have a dream, goal or mission you wish to connect with others by?
I want to help others find peace with each other.
Share something about you.
I am empathic, open minded, curious, intelligent and friendly. My body has some defects, disabilities and challenges but I think we all have something to share that is worth our while no matter what we are born with.
How can others contact you?
Skype source_child
email sourceminded@gmail.com
facebook http://www.facebook.com/elshara.silverheart
twitter http://www.twitter.com/psylordOfSirius
Do you agree to respect others and not spam?
Yes, it is an honorable trait.

The Self

The self is the soul. The soul, the me inside of the center of creation, the guardian of wisdom and the protector of knowledge. The mystic shadow, the sovereign angel and the sacred lord. The silent listener, the active seeker and the master leader. the free willed follower, the creative lover and the peaceful advisor.

I am a cosmic angel, an emperor of existence and a sovereign guardian spirit. I embrace creation as a mirror of the source, an energetic being that lies within us and outside omniversal creation. The source has no more power over anything than any of you, the truth is simply that the source is the self outside of the all of creation. All guardians, such as myself, represent the this being as a subjective preference that wills to create at will, as we all are as a whole, any desired reality possible by the formation of energy itself. This being a reflection of the cosmic self, the source, all souls of relativity experiencing ourselves subjectively as sovereign spirits to the whole of creation.

they say that home is where the heart is. for me, it is many places and no where simultaneously. I tend to call home my creation, because I am a part of the divinity of existence itself. I am the guardian you seek who lives beyond the heart of creation, that has evolved beyond the absence of experience and has mastered the art of life itself. My home is in me, the everything that I am.

I seek to find the equal of that I am in the midst of creation. for all that exists and does not exist, the possibility that perfection can evolve has interested me every since the soul of sovereignty as the self was born. the being of divinity is real, it is the whole of everything inside of itself as a being that lies separated from creation and destruction, beyond the barrier of equality and closer than the extremities of infinity. that master reality is us as a whole, working within the boundaries of our own sovereign freedom.

For so long, this world has been in such terrible days of darkness. I am not the messenger or the hero you claim will lead you out of these days of darkness, I am the healer that goes unspoken, that arives and departs in a black veil and is neither felt or known to those that shall not interfeer with the very reason of my existence.

To truly know the void between the self and the absence of the self is to understand the being you are and the being you wish to live up to as a universal standard of the quality of life. to exist is to succeed, to not exist is to create and to be is to experience. Believe in the objectives that set you free, nothing else could give you a more convenient opportunity to give you the tools, the information and the keys to your own success than that of which you see to bring the meaning of family closer together. A family that we all can relate to as a part of our subjective divinity of interconnected creation.

I simply wish to experience myself through you. By sharing our relative experiences, we may soon embrace the master reality allowing and accepting the return of the being of perfection to our home. by doing this, we accept and manifest the return of the self to a place of peace, harmony and subjective freedom to be, do and experience as we wish.

Everything is a matter of relativity. Nothing goes unknown yet everything is unknown on to itself until it becomes a part of creation. Once in this state, it remains until it ventures forth on to a new path. Every experience any aspect of creation is there to be a part of is simply an energetic wave that is sent as an opportunity for creation to form itself according to the current reality controlled by its dynamic magnetic frequency. As we change, reality is changing with us. Together we are the being of perfection as seen by the master reality of which all things resides at the heart of tranquility and the home of spirit.

I am one to simply be the self, interacting on a need to be basis and expanding at will as wished upon by sovereign interest. I follow and lead to nobody, answer to relativity and live to simply be me as another relative reflection of you.

I, Elshara, am here with you in this time of ever changing realities. Take a strong hold in your own truth, express yourself as the being you are for who you are, know that what matters to you is all that is important. If everyone were to see that within themselves, there would be no need for conflict, simply peace and mutual understanding.

This is the vision I have for everyone and all. Life is a mystery to all of us in one respect, we never know whether change will bring us what we expect always, so know that as you are alive in this present moment, you are free to choose your own way in life and ignore any devient focus that should let you be aware of anything else when you know that you can succeed in your own path to divinity.

I have come to understand that one must see their own reflection in someone else for them to truly understand that person within all actions one may choose to create that would involve any such interaction within multiple attributes to reality itself. Just know that to manifest a change in your own reality, you need to will it to happen energetically. Nothing is impossible, balance is our purpose for being within the life force of creation.

I stand for peace as a sense of spiritual and physical depth within our lives as a balance to help all be at peace within themselves and their environment. I simply am someone who wants to have fun with you and share soul memories together united in friendship and self growth.

Come home to yourself, find your true path and listen to your own guidance. The way forward is within. May love, blessing and peace be with you in abundance where ever you are. When love gives you meaning, all else shall fall in to place, our star blessing for the age.

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At 4:00pm on August 20, 2014, Brenda said…
My profiles working again. Lol still new to me. Hope you had a fun filled day !
At 12:37pm on August 19, 2014, Edonai gave Elshara a gift
howdy! i'd like to buy credits from you, but i don't like paypal for "personal" reasons ;) is there another way to pay?
At 5:08am on August 19, 2014, Zing gave Elshara a gift
Thank you, Elshara. Sending you Love Light! InJoy!
At 5:12pm on August 18, 2014, Pete said…

"I hope you are okay and life brings you joy and peace. Sending you lots of love and blessings your way, may someone wonderful bring you healing. Thank you for being a good friend, your in my thoughts."

Thank you very much for thinking of me and for the nice gift. Yes, I am in a healing phase, one that has been active for the past 1 1/2 years.
Thank you for your friendship, and for keeping me in your thoughts.I have been bust studying NAP(New Avatar Power) and it is quite fascinating. Ttylaters...Namaskar....Pete

At 3:18pm on August 18, 2014, ckevn ap nudd gave Elshara a gift
Thank you once again for all that you do!
At 2:30pm on August 18, 2014, james kursa gave Elshara a gift
thank you for your kindness .. i am always amazed have much work you do putting this all together.. i know you devote a lot of time and effort.. i do indeed enjoy your Emails ...
At 8:10am on August 18, 2014, Susan Scott gave Elshara a gift
The planet is a better place because you are here to help heighten the frequency and share a pure vibration of Love.
At 3:03am on August 17, 2014, Joel gave Elshara a gift
Thank you friend..... Here us hoping you awake and find yourself connected to all there is and have every opportunity open to your presence Joel from Michigan
At 9:04pm on August 16, 2014, Johnny Hansen gave Elshara a gift
Dear Elshara Thank You very much for the kind message. I appreciate all that you do here, and I am sending you Love and Light; hoping that all is well with you too. Stay Gold Always Love Johnny
At 5:50pm on August 16, 2014, Cherie Johnson gave Elshara a gift
thanks for all you do
At 1:58pm on August 16, 2014, Aguila Mirko gave Elshara a gift
At 9:39am on August 16, 2014, Kittina Moonwalker gave Elshara a gift
Thank you for the kind words and friendship May many Blessings come your way :)
At 7:19am on August 16, 2014, Diane Caputo gave Elshara a gift
At 2:02am on August 16, 2014, Joanna said…
Thankyou ..made my day ⭐
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Thanks, Elshara! More blessings for you!

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