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Solstice Transmission ~ Freedom and Heart expansion Lightcodes December 21, 2014

Greetngs to everyone,


Welcome to this momentum of the Solstice Portal December 2014.  We enter the New and the Gateways of New creations and possibilities.  These possibilities are to step into Mastery and delivery, as to where you deliver your heart desires and creations. You deliver THAT…


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Pleiadian Delegate - The Light of the Solstice

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CHRISTMAS TIDINGS from Blossom Goodchild


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How many starseeds is that on this site

we starseeds comes to this Earth for one reason and that is to share all we can find out of the ugliness and corruptions in our gowerments ,also we all should be aware of that illuminati is real and our gowerments is ruled by the darkness ,and those ho is in controll knows aliens exists sine 1950 ,and they since that captured some aliens in crashed ufos also they been conected by other aliens that look like normal human beings almost they played their game and got money for their alien…


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Guruji Krishnananda gave us many insights into the activities of the great Rishis or Light Masters. One such insight was that of Shoonya Masa. Guruji said that each earth is administered by a Rishi, a highly advanced Spiritual Master. Our earth is being administered by Atri Maharshi, who is assisted by six Rishis. Together, the seven Rishis are known as the Sapta Rishis in Sanskrit. Each galaxy has a Council of Light, which consists of great Masters, Rishis and Divine Personalities. All the…


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SaLuSa 19 December 2014


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The Pentacle

The Pentacle

has been a protective symbol for thousands of years.

Its earliest connections were with the worship of the Earth Mother Goddess; from whom sacred five petaled apple blossom and seeds the symbol may have been derived.

It is the simplest form of the star that can be drawn with a…


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My Full Akashic Records (by Alura Cein)


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Statements from the Pleiadian Broadcast Nov 2014

Open up to the transformation-energy.

It´s a challenging time, important how you choose to deal with those challenges and what you learn from them.

Feel. What is your fear? And do not push it away. It is not an easy way,we have to pass through this emotions. It is the time for self-liberation.

Be responsable for what is inside of you.

While you stay in a victim-mode, nothing can change.

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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Movie)

'So long and thanks for all the fish' LOL

Mere seconds before the Earth is to be demolished by an alien…


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SKY DANCERS (poem by me)

The Moon looked on as the green love star
Chased the blue life star through the heavens.
The Moon called out to her daughter Venus,
"Come back here--you wicked little thing!"
Venus replied, "But Mother--He's teasing me!
Then the Moon stopped and smiled,
Because she remembered...
The time she chased the blue star into the dark woods
She got a daughter from him.

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“Is it not right to tell people that they are wrong or dishonest?” Someone asked Guruji Krishnananda.

“When you find that someone is wrong, you can tell that person that he or she is wrong. While this may not be wrong, does it really help? If the person takes it in the right spirit, then yes, it definitely helps. But some people may not like it. Most people do not like to be told that they are being dishonest, even if it is the truth. So, you have to be…


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Many events are taking place now. Despite this being the Holiday Season, those in charge, still refuse to give up staging their crazy negative events. Humans are protesting these negative actions to prevent our planet from being pulled backwards. We are still spreading peace and happiness, and the LIGHT. Yes, there are protests. Yes, we continue to spread peace and happiness.

Sorry, Dark Cabal (Those In Charge), no matter what you stage, humans will continue to spread the LIGHT!…


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~ Ascension Guidance Weekly Message ~ 15 - 21 December


This past week has been full of Light downloads/upgrades and I know many of you have experienced them in your own unique ways. Some have heard high pitched frequencies, some have felt them through their chakras, some saw them through their inner vision and some people will experience them later or have already…


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Since the beginning of time, we have gathered in this season to celebrate the rebirth of the Sun.

On the Winter Solstice, the darkest of nights,

The Goddess becomes the Great Mother and once again

gives birth to the Sun and the new yearly cycle,

Bringing new light and hope to all on Earth.

On the longest night of winter,

and the dark night of our souls,

there springs the new spark of hope,

the Sacred Fire,

the Light of the World.

We gather…


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12/13/14 Among the greatest miracles of life, we are about to witness the greatest miracle. The miracle of the full presence in spirit and manifestation of Divine Mother. It has taken the entire age …


Among the greatest miracles of life, we are about to witness the greatest miracle. The miracle of the full presence in spirit and manifestation of Divine Mother. It has taken the entire age of creation for such happening to take place. The complete merging of the awakening codes of Divine Father and Divine Mother. For those who are sensitive and even many who aren’t it is completely undeniable that the presence of the divine is upon us. Unification of light is nearer and…


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we are all blessings who cant stop blessing

When we are in touch with what we really are,

we are all blessings who can stop blessing

our love change the world, the world cant change our love

ideas and assumptions can cloud this but not change it,

that would be like saying that clouds can change how the sun is shining.

I´m done with playing hide n seek with my inner star.

clouds will still come, and it can be refreshing with some rain. I rest assured, the sun is more persistent and untouched even by…


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My Mantra

All war must stop. All discrimination must stop. All separatism must end. All countries must work together. All religions must unite. All people must be willing to change. All things must be addressed as orderly as possible. We are all living on this planet together and our individual and collective fate rely on working with one another, regardless of past transgressions. The current world is not fair for everyone but if we all agree to work toward a better future, one day we can exist in a…


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Saviors Are SO Yesterday

Welcome to Brenda's Blog

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s December 12, 2014 free, 15-minute, channeled…


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Can I write to an audience so versatile and filled with the vibration and experience of the stars? I write because this is what I do and perhaps in this manner many questions of mine and others will be answered.

I hear the voices of knowledge,experience the light of vision for yesterday and days to come. I am given advice and choices which I thought at first, to be one of right or wrong. Yet deep within I still try to stay the course of what I deem to be right. But I came to…


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